Content Permissions Overview

Reasons to set up permissions:

Confidentiality:  You may want to keep some information private (sensitive information)

Engagement: In discussions, people are often more open to sharing their ideas in a smaller group, where other peers are not able to judge their comments.

Ease of Use:  As you build up the Intranet, you will start to have lots of content.  You may want to hide content that is not relevant to a user or a group, keeping the site clean and easy-to-navigate 


Customer Webinar: Fundamentals of Intranet Security 

Learn how Intranet Connections security works. In this webinar, we look at how the system determines if a user has access to a resource, as well as how to handle external users and anonymous access.


Key links to understand permissions:

Content Hierarchy

Elevated rights

Add, edit and delete permissions for content



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