Secure a page

There may be times where certain pages will contain sensitive information, this can be done at the page level.

To secure a page:

1) Navigate to the page

2) Click Toolbox

3) Click 'Secure Page' as shown on the image below:

Note: If this option does not display for you, it is possible that you are either on the homepage of a sub-site, or on a child page. See Exceptions below for further explanation.

4) On the next screen, check the box beside 'Apply View Security' to lock the page as shown in the image below.

5) Select the Users or Groups available by clicking on the dropdown arrows, or start typing in the name.



There are some exceptions to which pages cannot have further permissions applied.

Homepage - The designated homepage for a specific sub-site cannot have further permissions applied. permissions are inherited directly from the sub-site.

Sub-page - You have the ability to create sub-pages, these pages will inherit their permissions from the top level parent page. Sub-pages are organized within a hierarchy, as mentioned in the previous article.


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