Assign elevated rights

When managing the Intranet there are a wide range of tasks to perform. It is often better to delegate certain tasks to those who have the skills in that area.

If you have administrative or superadministrative rights on the Intranet, you can set elevated rights for other users. Go to Admin > Security > Assign Elevated Rights, as in the screenshot below:

Here is the list of elevated rights, along with the descriptions:

Super Admin
Super admins have unrestricted access and administrative rights.

Administrators have the same rights as super admins with the following exceptions; admins cannot:

» Assign or edit Super Admins
» Impersonate user logins
» View and permanently delete wall posts
» Manage the app delete lock password
» Edit user resume content in Job Postings

Site Designer
Site Designers have access to the Design tab where they can create and choose themes for the site, create and design the menu navigation system, and organize home page widgets

Profile Manager
Profile Managers have limited access to this admin site in order to create and manage logins and employees

Employee Manager
Employee Managers have full access to employee profiles through the front end of the product, allowing them to inline edit any employee, but cannot add or delete employees or access the admin site

Site Owner
Site Owners have management rights over their sites, including the option to create navigation, plug in applications, theme their site and add widgets to the site home page

Page Owner
Page Owners have limited access to this admin site in order to manage their assigned page(s). They have full ownership of their pages and the content within them

Application Owner
Application Owners have limited access to this admin site in order to manage their assigned application(s). They have full ownership of their applications and the published content

Approval Manager
Content Approval Managers are assigned at the category level and are able to monitor and approve/decline pending content

Supervisors are assigned per user and can potentially have approval rights over specific content that their users publish. The supervisor will display for the user records within the Employee Directory application


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