Secure a site

The Intranet Connections product provides users and administrators with the ability to securely communicate information at a department level. Departmental confidentiality is acquired through the use of security features provided within a sub site's Secure Site feature.

The following tutorial will step users through the implementation of departmental site security.

  1.  Log in to the intranet product using administrative credentials
  2. Click the admin link (located in the top right corner of the intranet application)
  3. Click the Assets tab
  4. Click the Sub site requiring security
  5. Click 'Site Access' from the right nav menu: applysecurity.png
  6. Check the box beside 'Apply View security', this will be saved automatically
  7. Select the Users or Groups that will need access to this site


You can also apply the elevated rights of 'Site Owner' to individuals or a Group by clicking 'Site Owners' from the right nav menu:


In the example above, the users within the Human Resources group have been given Site Owner access.

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