Site Down? (V13.0)

ISSUE:  You try to access your intranet site and cannot reach it.

SYMPTOMS:  You try to load the intranet site in your browser and you are presented with something other than your site.  You may see errors or you may see a blank screen.

RESOLUTION:  Check the following items:

1.  Verify the Railo Server Service is running:


2.  Verify the World Wide Web Publishing Service is running:


3.  Verify the SQL Server (INTRACONNECTIONS) is running:


4.  Log into Railo Web Admin (YOURSERVERNAME/railo-context/admin/web.cfm), click on Datasource under Services on the left. 

- Is there a datasource listed?  If so, place a check in the box and click Verify.  Ensure you see a green OK beside it:

- If not, please create your datasource


5.  Log into Railo Web Admin (YOURSERVERNAME/railo-context/admin/web.cfm), click on Mappings under Archives and Resources on the left.

- Do you see your / or /intranet mapping?  It should not be red in color; if it is, recreate it.


6.  Open SQL Configuration Manager and verify TCP/IP is enabled:


7.  Open IIS Manager, expand the left column and click on your site, double click on Handler Mappings.  Do you see the 3 BonCode-Tomcat handler mappings?


8.  Open IIS Manager, expand the left column and click on your site.  Click on Basic Settings on the right and verify the physical path is correctly pointing to the wwwroot folder, if you have /intranet in your URL, or the intranet folder, if you do not have /intranet in your URL:


9.  Open IIS Manager, expand the left column and click on Application Pools.  Verify your DefaultAppPool (or the one your site is using) is started and on version 4.0:

If all of this is correctly configured and you are still unable to access your site, please call Support at 604-924-9770 for further assistance.

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