Set add, edit, delete and view permissions for content

If you have the necessary rights to control a piece of content, you can usually do so from the particular application, typically by clicking the Toolbox in the top right corner and choosing the appropriate level (App Admin, Site Admin, Apply Permissions, etc.)

This article shows how to do this from the Admin section of the Intranet. Note: You must be an Administrator or Super Administrator to follow these steps

First, you must decide to set permissions for a user or a group.  In general, it is more efficient to set permissions for a group.  For this example, we will set App Owner permissions for a Buy & Sell application (Appbuilder) for Ryan Pelo

  1. Go to Admin > Security > Assign Content Permissions (under Logins), as in the screenshot below:

  2. From the Select A Login dropdown, choose the user. Click Next.
  3. Click the Elevated Right you want. In this case, Application Owner.  The bottom part of the screen will populate with applications.  Check the box beside the application you want. Click Save.

Note that the process for assigning content to a group is very similar.  At Step 1, just choose Assign Content Permissions in the Groups box instead.


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