Set up the Feedback Email Form and Link

The feedback link is another good way for users to communicate ideas or issues with their Intranet admin.

The link can be set up following these steps:

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Click on the Design Tab
  3. Click on Intranet Toolbar
  4. Check the “display” box
  5. Click Save



A generic login can be created so the feedback emails can be manage doing the following in the Admin area:

1. Select the Security tab

2. Click on Create Login


3. Create the login

*** It is important to enter a first name and an email address

4. Save

5. Click on "Elevated Rights" to assign either Admin or Super Admin rights





Still in the Admin area of your intranet and back to the Setup tab, under System Information edit Administrator


Lastly, the following conditions must be met to be able to manage feedbacks:

  • The email address where those feedbacks are sent to must belong to an active user
  • It must be a valid email address
  • Lastly, that user must have Admin or Super Admin rights
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