Move ElasticSearch Search Index to Another Drive

Moving Search Index to Another Drive

By default, your search index is stored on the C:\. As you continue to add content to your intranet, the size of the search index will increase. If there isn’t sufficient space on the C:\ you can move the search index to another drive.

  1. Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges
  2. Change to this directory
  3. Enter this command to uninstall the ElasticSearch service
    C:\elasticsearch\bin\service.bat remove
  4. Close the Command Prompt (to prevent issues moving folder in next step)
  5. Copy the entire C:\elasticsearch directory to another location, for example G:
  6. Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges.
  7. Change to the directory where the elasticsearch folder was copied to
    e.g. G:\elasticsearch\bin
  8. Run this command to re-install the service
    G:\elasticsearch\bin\service.bat install
  9. Run this command to start the service
    G:\elasticsearch\bin\service.bat start
  10. In the intranet, restart the application to re-establish the connection to search:
    1. Click Admin, and choose Setup tab
    2. Near the bottom of the page, under Intranet Application click [restart]
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