Version 13.5 Patch 4

Patch Highlights


New Features / Functionality Changes

  • In Active Directory Sync 2.0, when a user's manager is removed in AD, the corresponding user's supervisor relationship in the intranet is now also removed
  • Site owners can no longer modify the home theme, when the same theme is used for the site they own. Instead, they must save changes as a new theme.
  • In a Documents app, when a file is checked out, other users can still edit the other fields, but are prevented from uploading a new version of the until it is checked back in
  • When an item is checked out, the version field now displays "Checked Out"

Other Highlights

  • Faster page load times when viewing a Documents folder with a large number of items
  • Ending impersonation after submitting a form no longer causes a duplicate submission
  • Direct links to a disabled user's profile now display "Sorry, this employee has been removed." instead of showing the profile information
7967 Fixed issue where Mega Menu pop downs might appear behind other page elements
7113 Corrected spelling mistakes on Active Directory screens
8045 'In Active Directory Sync 2.0, the UI now prevents the selection of a Group Filter when targeting Object Type of Group, as Group Filters only apply to Employees and Logins
8066 If a user's manager is changed from assigned to empty in Active Directory, supervisor relationship in intranet will now also be removed.
7458 When a site owner tries to save changes to a global theme, now get warning message instead of error.
7867 Fixed the checkout page to show the correct user who checked it out, and show if it can be checked in.
When viewing the Read & Confirm User Logs for a document, changed positioning of Reset and Delete buttons, and now requires confirmation to prevent accidental resets or deletions.
7907 When a folder has Global Add on, no longer shows error message when user adds an item.
7944 Restored app bar link to show archived items.
7951 Fixed Search Link when application only has a single folder.
7894 Shorter page load times when viewing a Documents folder with over 50 items.
8017 Fixed grammar on folder description help text when editing a folder.
7786/8020 Edit / delete icons now appear when rights only granted through Global Edit permissions.
7971 Instead of display permissions error, Add Folder link is now hidden for folder owners, as they don't permission to add folders.
8016 When uploading files using Multiple File Upload, if a tag is specified, system now correctly saves the tag.
8079 System now properly sends notification to document owner when "send archive notification email" option is set under the Archive Date field settings.
8019 Fixed issue when uploading a large number of files, only the first 25 files were uploaded.
6890 In the link field, if you are using a UNC file path to a network shared drive, now supports files with an apostrophe in the name.
8041 When notifications are enabled, alerts/emails now sent if file added using multiple file upload.
8014 Fixed issue with blogs not appearing when sort set to Topic.
8080 Sending an site alert for a new post no longer throws an error.
7924 Increased performance of viewing a user's subordinates to avoid errors.
8031 Fixed issue with tab display when using CSV import.
8040 If a link is followed to a disabled user's profile, profile now just displays "Sorry, this employee has been removed" instead of their profile.
8039 Newly added divisions now are immediately shown in Directory search on the right hand side of Directory
Events Calendar  
Short Description area is now wider.
7824 Removed floating "s" character when editing Category Security for Events Calendar.
6953 End time for an event can no longer set before the start time.
Online Forms  
7865 Fixed issue for Approval Stage of type Managers in Order, where all managers sent email instead of in order. Only occurred when not the first approval stage.
7981 Due to size restrictions of max integer, system now warns instead of producing an error when using a number in a numeric field that is too large.
8008 Fixed issue where if you end impersonation after submitting a form, system creates a duplicate form submission.s
7869 Fixed issue with pagination in Library application.
7969 Fixed layout issue with customer footer file.
7955 Fixed issue with login redirect when session times out
7728 Some icons changed to have a fixed white background to to issues with transparency on some background colors.
8007   Fixed alignment of buttons (Preview, Save, etc.)  in IE 11.
8083 Fixed subscription email alerts to send even if approval stag specified.
8078 Comments on pages now trigger emails to both assigned moderator and page owner when moderator assigned.
7727 Fixed issue where hover image for menu item in widget was not appearing
Photo Album  
7960 Adding warning for file uploads that are over the maximum (50+)
7414 Fixed issue where if you navigate to the next image, the comments from the first image were still appearing.
7968 Adding photos via multiple file upload will now trigger advertising if enabled
Fixed layout issues with Events Calendar item preview in search results 
8018 Link to online forms of item type File now open correctly when clicked form search result
7482 Search now re-indexes file content if reverted to an earlier version.
7982 Fixed issue with PDF preview in search results in older applications.
7796 Disabled users now excluded from search.
7896 Fixed issue when trying to edit the class size for a course.
6943 Make description of Student Comment Field clearer.
7826 Fixed tag feed widget to reflect updates to item after initial save.
7988 Weather Widget now handles bad data (null value for temperature) gracefully.
7242 Expanded text box for What's New Archive days to be larger.
7721 Application Feed widget: fixed inconsistent edit icons
7980 Tag Feed Widget no longer displays archived items
7904 Moved rendering of RSS feed widgets into an iFrame to prevent HTML "contamination" form RSS feed data.
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