Why has my Weather Widget stopped working?

Intranet Connections uses a 3rd party data service called Weather Underground. They are experiencing issues with displaying the weather for some cities and can cause the following error message on your home page.

Hotfix for Version 13.0 (note: Your site must be on patch 13.0.9 before applying the hotfix)

Hotfix for Version 13.5 (note: Your site must be on patch 13.5.3 before applying the hotfix)

 To apply this hotfix, please download the appropriate file for your version.  Within your intranet, please click on Admin and scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Under "Product Updates" please click on [click here] beside "manual upload" and then "choose file".  Navigate to the file downloaded and click "upload" and then you will have the ability to click "install". You will need your Railo/Lucee password.

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