Version 13.5 Patch 5

Patch Highlights

Patch 5 adds three new features:

  • Performance and stability of scheduled tasks improved
  • Short description added to course session advertising
  • Register Me page now shows course details

Note: This patch release is for supported browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and Edge. Versions of Microsoft IE (10 and below) will encounter layout problems.

Performance and Stability of Scheduled Task

Web services, active directory sync, and system tasks now run independently, allowing for better performance and stability. A new page in Admin reflects these changes. On the Admin area (Setup tab \ Settings \ Global Config) there is a new link to Scheduled Tasks. For each task, the screen shows:

  • Status (enabled, paused, missing)
  • Last Run and Next Run date
  • Proxy settings for Web Services task

This screen also provides an option to create the scheduled task if missing.


Short Description Added for Course Session Advertising

When advertising a course session to the What’s New Feed widget, you can now choose to display the short description.

Register Me Page Now Shows Course Details

Clicking a course session from What’s New Feed Widget goes directly to the Register Me page. The course details are now shown the Register Me page so users can decide if they want to register.


Other Highlights

  • Now when user copies a site or page, he becomes the owner of the copied site/page
  • Server performance improvements when executing scheduled tasks and when re-index
  • Documents will only be shown on Read & Confirm after they are approved and after their scheduled publishing date
  • Fixes several widget layout issues
  • Fixes issues related to items containing special characters on their title
  • Fixes Online Forms issues with triggers and private fields
 8289 Improved performance of scheduled tasks. 
 8128 Created a new Scheduled Tasks management page on the admin area allowing a friendlier way to enable, pause and run scheduled tasks.
8496 Importing CSV now handles disabled users correctly.
8495 Fixed an error when changing Appbuilder application layout and clicking Preview.
8521  Now it is easier to visually identify the relationship between the Departments and their corresponding Divisions and edit and delete icons.
8274 Removes extra spacing above the employee information in “Created By” column.
8288 Fixed the hyperlinks in email notifications for comments.
8297 Fixed an issue of files not being searchable when added using Multiple File Upload.
8366 Security enhancement when uploading files that contain special characters on their title.
8368 Prevent error when advanced approval workflow is set to be automatically approved.
8262 Fixed issue where Edit and Delete icons were incorrectly showing in search results.
8298 When clicking on an image on the Photo Album widget, system now shows the title of the image properly.
8585 Tabs “Review on” and “Read & Confirm” available when editing an item, are now properly loaded when the system default port is changed.
8591 When a folder has “Global Add” on or if user has permissions to add items to it, the Add link will be available on the application bar.
8617 Fixed pagination when accessing Archived items
8380 Handles issue when changing to a site theme that has a single quote on an image file name.
Discussion Board  
7975 Fixed issue when adding and removing tags on a Discussion Board topic.
8219 Appbuilder Applications search is now working properly.
8214 RSS Feed widget now handles invalid or no longer available RSS feeds gracefully.
8103 Ensure that all files added using Multiple File Upload go to the approval process if the folder has an Approval Workflow.
8276 Now when user copies a site he becomes the copied site owner.
Online Forms  
8084 Ensure that private fields are not visible on email notifications to unauthorized users.
8599 Prevent forms from showing content that should be hidden based on a trigger.
8615 Fixed form rendering issue when private filed is last element on a spreadsheet control row.
8572 Decimal form fields with default values now are displayed correctly when submitting a form response.
8179 Now when user copies a page he becomes the copied page owner.
8352 Clicking Edit when previewing widget pages in search results is now working properly.
8519 Fixes browser scrolling issue when editing widget pages.
8178 System no longer sends notification emails to disabled user when comments are posted on a page he created.
Read & Confirm  
8273 Read & Confirm Widget no longer shows documents before the publish date.
8541 Prevents documents that were not approved to be shown on the Read & Confirm tab in the users’ dashboard.
8535 Fixed issue when exporting a CSV file of the Read & Confirm log from items that contain special characters on their title.
8269 Global navigation properly displayed when searching for items on the online forms application.
8277 Performance improvement on the site search re-index feature. Prevents system timeout when re-indexing a site with many of documents.
8300 Fixes the issue of keywords on custom fields not been searchable through global search.
8320 Adds short description of courses for training sessions advertised on What’s New Feed widget. It also shows the course details when users register to it.
8271 Fixed issue with session dates when exporting course sessions to Excel.
8702 Prevents error when removing report builders from Employee Training.
8356 Handles issue when adding tasks on Site Task widget from subpages.
8365 Fixed issue where Tags Feed Widget and What’s New Feed Widget were showing HTML syntax.
8489 Fixes several widget layout issues.
8396 Ensures that all tagged items are shown on the proper Tags Feed Widget.
8509 Handles error when removing items from What’s New Feed Widget on subpages when their home page does not have a What’s New Feed Widget.
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