How do I use the stats application?

Stats Overview
Stats is a robust tracking and reporting tool that is custom built for your Intranet Connections software. As a site administrator you have the ability to track site usage including page popularity, user logins, browsing behavior, and specific content tracking. Stats can be invaluable as an audit trail for monitoring edits and deletions.
Accessing Stats
The Stats link is available at the top of your admin links on your Intranet. The link should look similar to the one shown on the following image:
If you do not see this link, you may need to enable Stats from your Admin > Setup > Stats > validate purchase area. If you do not have stats, please email to contact our Support team to add on this feature.
Logins Tab
The Logins tab allows you to track the users who are logging into your site, including administrators and anonymous access. Charts provide a visual display of report data, and you can drill down to view details such as who, when, IP address, browser and operating system. Filter report criteria by:
  • User type (user, admin, anonymous)
  • Totals (show total number of logins including all three types)
  • Time frame (day, week, month, year, date range)



Visits Tab
The Visits tab provides comprehensive reporting on what applications your users are visiting on the site. Reports are broken down per application/department, category and item level. Quickly show the most popular applications, ares and items on the site.

As with all reports in the Stats Software, visits will provide a chart display of data. Drill down to show additional details about users and time of access. Select from Applications, Application Categories, or search by specific content items.
  • Filter by page, application, folder or item
  • Summarize data by date range, by number of visits, by application or category
  • Drill down to see path of access to content
  • Audit individual user access to content



Tracking Tab
Track site actions and user progress through the site. Run reports on individual user browsing patterns and add/edit/delete transactions.



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