Can I get my intranet on mobile?

Your mobile site is accessible at the same address as your current intranet site. If your intranet site is currently not available outside of the company firewall you can still test this functionality by using an internal wireless network and launching your site. If you wish your users to be able to access the intranet site using the cellular network (without VPN) then you should consider the following security recommendations when externalizing your site.


Enable your mobile intranet site
To enable the site's mobile view, simply go to your admin site and under the Site Settings > Global Settings box locate the Mobile Site option. This page includes details on enabling or disabling the mobile view, changing the mobile desktop icon (if the site is bookmarked) and an option to change which devices are recognized for mobile view.


The mobile site is a limited access view of current intranet functionality that primarily focuses on employee interaction, accessing contact details and quick searching for content. When a user accesses the site, they will either be presented with a default landing screen (if your site supports anonymous access) or a login prompt. Users should enter the same credentials they use locally at their desktop. They will then see the full list of features available to them.
Anonymous splash screen Login page Splash screen for logged in user
photo_1.PNG photo_2.PNG


Each page supports specific site or directory functionality. Use the quick nav buttons at the top right to return to the splash screen or to quickly search the directory. Going into a specific function, the profile page for example, allows the user to access their personal contact details and add a status update. Currently modifying contact details of the profile itself are not supported.



Limited mobile functionality
Currently the following site locations are fully mobile compatible:
  • All main employee directory functionality including profile, status, wall, alerts and bookmarks
  • Site Search
  • App Builder item pages (allowing users to search and navigate to many site items without leaving mobile view)
In future we hope to extend mobile access to additional site functionality based on conversations with clients using the mobile site. We are very interested in hearing feedback on areas that users would find beneficial to see accessible in a mobile fashion.


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