Intranet System Error Messages in Chat box

Due to a temporary loss of connectivity to the Intranet server or user login session expiry you may encounter the following error/warning:

System Error

Chat has repeatedly failed, please reload the page.

The error will display in a chat box similar to the following:  chaterror.jpg


1. Click the X icon in the upper right hand area of the box
2. Close your browser (eg. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome etc)
3. Re-open your browser window
4. Go to your Intranet site



These messages are sent out by our chat module when an active session has ended for a user and they have a secured interface open in a different browser window/tab. It's an indication that the user will need to (re)login in to the site.

If you have session expiry implemented under admin > Site Security > session management then leaving the page inactive for some time will lead to this. As well, any sort of restart of the ColdFusion Application or Railo Server service will present these messages.

The chat module within Intranet Connections heavily relies on the calls back and forth. And, when that communication breaks we feel that the user should be aware that they're no longer receiving fresh chat messages.

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