How do I change the folder view? (home page layout)


Home Pages are the first screen a user will see when they enter the application.
Home Pages provide folders that are a means of organizing the content that will be published to the application. (*Note: All content is published to a folder)

You can create unlimited folders, and sub-folders for organizing the content.

There are two options for how you want folders displayed to the end-user:

  • Within a folder tree: The folder tree is similar to what you see in Windows Explorer.
  • A flat list: The flat list will display the root folders only, and when a user clicks the root folder, sub-folders will be listed.



Changing the Layout

Explained earlier in this tutorial there are two different kinds of layouts.

In order to change between the different layouts select Change Layout in the Home Page setup.

The first option will allow you to set the default navigation of the application:


The second option will allow you to choose the folder display and navigation:


Dynamic Tree: This will be a folder tree that can be collapsed/expanded.

Simple List: This will be a simple list of folders.


The third option will allow you to setup the subfolders listing column view:



Display Item Count: This will display next to the folder in the view and display how many items are currently contained within the folder.

Number of Columns: This will determine the number of columns which display in the Home Page.

Preview: Preview will allow you to preview the work you have made to the Home Page prior to saving.


Home Page Examples


Layout: Folder Tree

Default Navigation: Folder tree/list

Folder display and Navigation: Dynamic Tree




Layout: Search (*Note: Because the layout is set to Search, Home page will display the search when opening first. You can still gain access to the folder tree which is located in the top right)

Default Navigation: Search

Folder display and navigation: Simple List



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