How do I change the item view?


The Item View layout is what end users will see after they click on content from the List View Layout

Typically the Item View display the details - all of the content published = all of the fields that were added to Build Form. You can stack and group fields together on one row, or you can choose to have two columns per row



Editing Fields

Select Edit Fields


After clicking Edit fields you will be looking at the current Item View layout.


You can add new fields to the layout, remove existing fields, add columns, delete columns, add rows, change field properties all from this View. (*Note: If you need a new field added here, by going back to the Build Form and adding a field there it will show in the Item View)

When you are finished you can Preview the layout as well by clicking the Preview button located next to the Save button.

Don't forget to save your work after modifying the layout for the changes to take affect!


Item View Options

Item View will have a few different options that can be enabled which change how the Item View currently looks.

Snap to GridSnap to grid will line up labels and content in a column format

Show Borders: Show borders will enable borders that display within the Item View between the fields.

Display Title Field as Header: Enabling this will display the Title as the Header above the Item View

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