What are application settings?

Outdated as of Version 12.5.


Application Settings can be accessed two ways.

You can load the specific application from the Menu in the Site and select the Application Toolbox -> Application Settings.



You can load the Admin section in the top right corner and choose the Application Tab and the specific Application you wish to change the settings for.




Application Menu

After selecting your Application on the right hand menu will be the Application Menu which will contain the Application Properties, Fields, Application Pages, Folders and Content.



Help Section

When loading the Application located in the Help section there will be a few steps that will need to be followed to fully setup your Appbuilder Application.


The Items highlighted will take you directly to each area of the Application to be configured.


Manage Section

Located below the Help section will be the Manage section. The Manage section is used for renaming the Application, Saving Templates, Choosing a Header Graphic, Assigning the Menu Location, Template that was used when creating the Application.


Rename App: Your application can be named anything you want, when clicking save this will update the Application Name.

Save As Template: Clicking Save As Template will give you the option of saving the current Applications setup as a Template which can be used when creating a new Application.

Header Graphic: You are able to choose a graphic which displays in the header when loading the Application.

Original Template: This is the Template that was used when creating the Application if one was applied.


Options Section

Located below the Manage section will be the Options section. There will be several different options available in this section, please see below for a definition on what each option does.

Options for User Comments, Ratings, Tagging are controlled from here to show in the entire application. If the Item has been disabled you will not be able to add the Item as a System field to the layout.


Site Search: Enabling this option will include any content that is within the Application in the Site Search results.

Pagination: Enabling this option will enable the Pagination function which allows paging if there are a number of results on the following pages: Home Page, List View, Item View, Search Results.

User Comments: Enabling this option will allow your users to add comments to the Items that are posted within the Application.

User Ratings: Enabling this option will allow your users to Rate the items which are posted within the Application.

Tagging: Enabling this option will allow publishers to add Tags to the Items which are posted within the Application.

Default Target For Uploaded Files/Links: This option will determine when a user clicks content within an item if it opens in a new window / tab and or the current window.

Read Confirmation: This option will enable a read confirmation on the Item level which allows the user to mark if they have read the Item or not.


Delete Application


Selecting this option will allow you to delete the current Application.

Please note that once an Application has been deleted it cannot be recovered.

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