How do I publish content?


To publish content, you will need at least one folder created within an application. This folder will house the content that you will be publishing, much like how your computer needs a hard drive to store your files. You may also want to customize the form to reflect the type of content that will be published. For more information on how to build the form, click here. Once you have a form created, you may also want to create the layout that will be displayed when users access this content at the item view level. For information on how to customize the Item view, click here.

Now that you have created your form and customized your layout, it is time to publish your content! 

This form example contains some of the basic fields you can include within your form. 


Field Types:

Title is what the user will be searching for when looking for this content. It will also be published to any What's New or Application feeds if configured to do so.

Graphic allows the user to upload an image to this form. Please note that you can also upload images to the Message field using the HTML editor options provided.

File attachment allows you to upload a file to the form. Versioning is also available for this feature. Versioning allows you to upload revisions of the same document. If you keep the same name of the file, it will add a number to denote which version of the document you are uploading. All versions of this document are available by looking at the history within the item view.

Message uses an HTML editor to allow the user to customize the look of their published content and include media such as videos and images.

Publish On allows the publisher to specify when they would like their item to be published. The default setting will publish the content immediately, however, if they would like to add content to be published at a later time, this can be set on this field. You can also include the timestamp by editing this field when building your form.

Archive On is a great way to keep users focused on current and relative content. Archiving allows you to still keep this content but to hide it from the initial view of the application unless users click on "Archives". 


Next, you can choose to add Tags which can help users locate your content. Publishers can choose from a list of tags already in use by clicking "show tags" or create their own.


Lastly, publishers have the option to decide if they want their content to be advertised. Advertising publishes their content to the What's New widget. This widget can typically be found on a homepage, or on a department site.

Once you are ready to publish your content, click "Publish".


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