Reinstate Archived Content


When publishing content, some of your applications may have an automatic archive option enabled. The default for this is usually 7 days, but this can be changed for each application. If you have any items that were archived by accident, you can edit the item and change the archive date to be later in the future which will then reinstate the item.
In some cases, you may have many items that need to be reinstated at once, this can be done using the following steps:
1) From the app admin page click Build Form (v12.0) / Manage Fields (v12.5) and hover over the Archive date as shown below:
2) Click the delete icon that appears on this view


3) Next, you will be prompted to either 'Reinstate all archived items' or 'Delete all archived items'. Select the option to reinstate and then save this change once the page has updated.



4) When saving, you will be prompted that the change you are making will update your live content as a last confirmation before proceeding. Click OK to continue.



5) Lastly, you will see the updating progress bar as this change updates all items on this application.


Once this process has been completed, all archived content will now be restored on the application.


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