How to upload items with Import CSV(12.5)


In version 12.5, we have included the option to upload items to your applications using a CSV import tool. This tool can be accessed from the admin section of an application by clicking Toolbox > App Admin.
Prior to importing, you will want to be sure of the fields you have on this application first. These fields will be used for the column headers in your CSV file.
For example, you may use Title, Summary and Link Attachment to start as your column headers in the CSV file:
Note: If you wish to populate the 'Created By' field, you will need to include the 'username' of the user to add to this field in order for the information to populate correctly.
Once you are ready to import, there will be an Import CSV option on your right navigation menu from the App Admin area:
Next, select the folder where your items will be uploaded to on the application.
Then, upload the CSV file:
Add Files: If you need to include files with some of the items in your CSV file, you can do so using the Upload Files section below the 'Select your CSV File' area. This is optional.
If you need to add files in this manner, please be sure to include the exact full file name as outlined in the image below:
Next, you will be prompted to map your fields:
You will have a chance to review how your fields will be mapped prior to submitting on the next screen - once you submit this second time, the import will occur and cannot be reversed.
Now that your items have been successfully imported, click 'Go To App' to see all items that were brought over from your CSV import.
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