How do I set up security for my App?

When it comes to Applications, security is set at the folder level. In order to lock down an app, you will need to lock down any parent folders within the desired application.

To get started, navigate to your application. For example, this could be a Documents or Company News application. In the example below, I have navigated to the Marketing folder within my Documents application.

To apply permissions:

  1. Click toolbox > Apply permissions: applypermissions.jpg
  2. Next, we see Global Folder Security, as well as the option to add users or groups permissions to this folder. Global permissions means that anyone with access to the software will be able to perform these actions. In the example below, we can see that all users have View and Add permissions.
  3. Here, you can choose to turn on/off the global permissions for all users (users with Admin elevated rights are excluded from this as their permissions are much higher). To turn off Global Add, click 'turn off' to do so. You will also see that there is an option beside each permission that says 'apply down', this refers to any subfolders under the main folder we are working on: permissions2.jpg
  4. Also on this list, you can choose to add User and/or Group permissions. This may come in handy if you wish to have a user or a group of people with higher rights for this particular folder. Expand 'Assign User/Group permissions and you will see a screen similar to the one below: permissions3.jpg
  5. In the above example, the Executive Team group has been selected, next, choose which permissions you wish to grant them. You will see that you can click the down arrows beside each permission which means that you are also applying these permissions to the subfolders below. Lastly, click 'Save' beside each permission and you will see the group with its permissions as shown below:permissions4.jpg
  6. For an idea of what the arrows look like, refer to the example below. Darker arrows mean that the permissions will be assigned to subfolders as well, whereas the light grey arrows will not: 



Note: For other apps where the screens may not look similar to the one above, you may also see the following screen:


The global permissions are the same as what you can choose from in your previous app however, in categories, sub categories do not have their own and pull from the parent category. Click the 'assign' buttons outlined above in order to assign the user/group permissions.

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