How do I add a YouTube video to my intranet?

Embed a YouTube video in to your Intranet site through the implementation of a Message Box widget by implementing the following steps:

 1. Navigate to the desirable YouTube video
 2. Click ‘Share’
 3. Click ‘Embed’
 4. Copy the source code in the provided text area


 5. Navigate back to your Intranet home page

 6. Click on a pencil icon on a widget column where you want to add the video (Click here to see how to edit widgets in 12.5)

 7. Add a new widget

 8. Select 'Simple Widgets' > Message Box: 


 9. Click the ‘Source’ icon in the top left corner of the HTML editor.

10. Paste the YouTube embed code into the text area as shown below

Note: the code contains src=" that requires the url to have 'http:' or 'https:' removed. In the example below, this looks like: src="//


11. Click save

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