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This KB article assumes an understanding of editing Widget Pages. If you are not familiar with editing widget pages, please review the 'Editing Home Pages (Widgets)' article before proceeding. 

Use Quick Polls to gauge and receive employee feedback on organizational changes and events. Create questions, offer instructions, and define polling start/end dates with Quick Polls! Alternatively, users have the option of viewing existing polls and results.

Create a Quick Polls Widget

The following instructions should help step you through the process for publishing a Quick Polls widget to a widget page:

Create a Quick Polls widget

  1. Navigate to the widget page
  2. Click Toolbox > Edit Page
  3. Click ,  OR to add a new row below or above the existing widgets 

    Note: The initial location of the Quick Polls widget is determined at this step.

  4. Click the icon in the middle of your widget box  to open the Build Tool
  5. In the Build Tool,  Select Simple WidgetsQuick Polls as the widget type
  6. Use the Title field to place textual content in the widget header

    Note: Leaving this field blank will result in the default widget title to be displayed ie., Quick Polls.

  7. Place an appropriate poll question in to the Question field
  8. Formulate the response options for the poll using the Answers area

    Note: Each answer slot allows you to define a custom color. The color selected will be used to represent the corresponding answer on the Quick Polls bar graph. Also, you may drag and drop your poll questions in a desirable order.

  9. Select allow anonymous users to answer to permit anonymous users to vote (This is only for users that are not logged into the intranet)

    Warning: Anonymous user votes are tracked through the use of cookies. This means deleting cookies on an anonymous user's machine will allow multiple votes.

  10. Set Display Start to the desired start date/time for your poll
  11. Set Display End (Optional) to the desired end date/time for your poll 
  12. Click Save Widgets at the bottom of the screen


[Show All Polls and Results]

Review, email, export, edit and delete poll results using the Poll Results interface. In the results view, each poll response is represented with a different coloured bar. Click a response bar to view the respective user and date/time response details.

Email your poll results details to a fellow colleague using the  icon. Alternatively, save poll results to a tabular Excel spreadsheet by clicking the xls.gif icon. Click  to edit and  to delete your quick polls. Keep in mind, deleting a poll from this interface is irreversible and will remove your ability to recycle to question during the creation of a new Quick Polls widget.

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