How do I advertise content on my home page?


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What's New is a feed that highlights specific content to the Intranet home or departmental page(s). What's New differs from other feeds in that the decision to feed content is made by the user during the publication or modification of an item. Application feed widgets will feed all published or modified content from targeted applications irrespective of publisher consent. The most common use for What's New is the highlighting of critical organizational information.

The act of pushing published or modified content to the What's New feed is better known as advertisingFor more information on how content is advertised, please view our What's New widget article.


What's New Widget Configuration


The following should provide a brief description for the widget configuration options unique to Application Feed:

Item Count – Controls the number of items displayed on the What’s New feed.
Description – Displays the short description of advertised item.
Character Count – Limits the length of short description to a specified number of characters.

'Access Additional What’s New Options' fields:

Display Options – Places a limit on the number of archived What’s New items shown simultaneously
What’s New Display – Allows widget administrators to display publish date, application name, category name and ‘update!’ text for advertised items
What’s New Thumbnails – Sets a default width and height for thumbnails
Header Graphic – Offers widget administrators with the ability to upload a header graphic for What’s New.


Troubleshooting Tips

Is an item failing to appear on What’s New? The following questions may isolate the cause and help resolve your issue:

  • Is advertising enabled at the application or item level? 
  • Did a user mistakenly remove the item from What's New or the application?
  • Do users have the appropriate application-level rights to view the content being advertised?
  • Is item pending and waiting to be approved?
  • Is the item published and active on the application?
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