How do I set my advertising settings in my applications?


This KB article assumes an understanding of basic content publishing concepts. If you are not familiar or comfortable with adding content to your Intranet site, please view our Publishing Content article.

Intranet Connections delivers content through miniature portals better known as feed widgets. Feeds pull pre-existing application content to a page or sub-site hosted by the Intranet. Our software offers the following feeds for the dynamic delivery of content: Application Feed, Tags Feed and What's New.

Unlike application and tags feed widgets, What's New maintains an exclusive collection of archived items. This means specifying an archive date during the creation of an item has no bearing over the archival of an item seen on the What's New feed. The length to which an item remains active on What's New is dictated by value specified for the Move into What's New archives after X days field on the Advertising Options interface.

Moreover, What's New differs from other feed widgets in that the decision to push an item to the feed is made at the item level. Application/tags feed widgets will display targeted content irrespective of publisher consent. What's New provides users with the option of pushing content publications or updates to the centralized feed.

For a comprehensive article on Application and Tags feed widgets, please view our Widgets: Content Feeds article.


Advertising Options and Administration

Advertising is the terminology associated with the act of pushing an item to What’s New. Enable advertising capabilities through your application Advertising Options interface. The screenshot, below, demonstrates the general 3-step process for enabling advertising on any application hosted by the Intranet Connections software.


Furthermore, use the Advertising Options interface to upload a default thumbnail that will be paired up with items advertised to What’s New. Optionally, select the allow users to upload their own thumbnails option to allow users to upload custom graphics with personal contributions.


Advertising Content

Selecting a folder for advertising will present additional advertising-related fields during the creation/modification of an item.


The Advertise to What’s New fields allow users to

  • Advertise immediately, specify a future advertisement date or turn off advertising for the new/modified item.
  • Upload a custom thumbnail
  • Display your profile picture as the thumbnail
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