How do I advertise from a department site to the home page?


As an initial step, we recommend reviewing the following KB articles:

The following KB article should help you familiarize yourself with the advertising configurations unique to departmental sites. Home page What's New widgets are used to highlight content publications or modifications pertaining to your entire organization. Whereas, departmental What's New widgets have the option of highlighting departmental items without pushing departmental publications/updates to the home page What's New feed. This option allows you to provide department-specific updates without disrupting the flow of critical organizational updates on the globally-accessible home page.


Advertisement Display Options

Departmental sites can be configured to limit advertisements to the sub-site What’s New feed. Alternatively, configure your departmental advertisements to post on main and sub-site What’s New feeds.


The following steps should direct you to the appropriate settings:

  1. Navigate to your departmental site
  2. Click My Toolbox > Application Settings
  3. Select advertise content to sub-site & main site
  4. Hit save


Manage Departmental Advertisements

Selecting advertise content JUST to sub-site (shown above) will result in advertised items to be fed exclusively in to the departmental What's New feed (by default). Departmental administrators can push departmental advertisements to the home page What's New feed by clicking the push to site home page icon (see screenshot below).


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