How do I create an RSS feed?

Intranet Connections offers various channels for informing end-users of content updates. RSS feeds are another great way to provide end-users with notifications for content being posted to the intranet site. The instructions below will help guide you through the process of creating an RSS ticker for one of your applications (eg, Events Calendar):

Creating an RSS Feed from an Events Calendar Application

    1. Visit the Events Calendar application using your navigation
    2. Click Toolbox > App Admin
    3. Locate and click Create RSS Feeds (right hand navigation)
    4. Click +add a feed
    5. Locate the Application drop-down list
    6. Select the desired Blogs application
    7. Select an appropriate category
    8. Provide an RSS feed name


    9. Provide any additional information (as needed)
    10. Click create feed


Using an RSS Feed Widget

  1. Navigate to the desired location for the RSS feed

    Note: RSS feeds are delivered through the RSS Feed widget. Widgets may be placed on a Home page, Department Site or a user hub.
  2. Insert a new widget into the desired location
  3. Select RSS Feed as the widget item type
  4. Paste the RSS feed URL (from step 10 of the previous instruction set) to the RSS Address field
  5. Click save

Upon the completion of the steps, listed above, you should have successfully created a new RSS feed pointing to an Events Calendar application.

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