What’s New Widget - Archiving

How does the What’s New archiving work?

Unlike document archiving (click here for more information), What’s New archiving is specific to items advertised to the What’s New widget on the homepage of your intranet.

When publishing content within an application, you may see the option to “Advertise now” or have the option to advertise at a later date. This option will appear at the bottom of the item you are publishing where advertising has been enabled. The following image shows what you should see if advertising is enabled:

In the image above, you will see that there is an option for ‘Advertise On’. If you would like to have this item advertise at a later day, you can specify a date and time as desired.


How do you enable/disable advertising within an app?

  • Navigate to the app
  • Click toolbox > App Admin
  • Click ‘ Advertising Options from the right nav
  • Select/deselect any folders where you wish to enable/disable advertising
  • Click ‘Save’ to update this setting

See the image below for the Advertising Options screen:

An example of how the What’s New feed displays content:

In the above example, we have 2 items that are being displayed. To find out how to get items to advertise to this widget, click here for the article that walks through this.


How long can items remain on the What’s New widget?

By default, applications will advertise items to the What’s New widget for 7 days, this is set at the App level. After this time, the item will fall off the widget and appear in the What’s New Archives. To access these archives, click ‘view more’ as shown in the image above.

To change how long new items will advertise for:

  • Navigate to the app where the items will be published
  • Click toolbox > App admin
  • Click ‘Advertising Options’ from the right nav
  • Adjust the ‘Move into archives after __ days’ field
  • Click ‘save’ to complete this change
  • If you wish to update the length of time that published items remain in the What’s New widget, the above steps will need to be done for each app

This screen should look similar to the following:

Note: This will only apply to new items published to this app going forward. This does not retroactively update items that have already been published to this app.


Expired items

Clicking on 'View More' at the bottom of your What's New widget will allow you to see more than the postings shown on the front of the widget. You will see this at the bottom of the widget as shown in the image below:

While on this screen, you may see some items that show as 'expired' as shown below:

If an item shows as ‘Expired’, there can be a few reasons for this:

  • The item has reached its ‘What's New archive date’
  • The ‘Advertise On’ date is further into the future than what the What’s New archives timeline is set for in your Advertising Options of the app
  • The item has been archived
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