Application and What's New Widget Changes (V12.0 Patch 17 & V12.5 Patch 9)

Starting with Patch 17 for Version 12.0 and Patch 9 for Version 12.5, the behavior of What's New and Application Feed widgets has been improved.

What's New (Advertising) and Application Feed Ordering Change

The ordering of items displayed in the What's New Feed widget and Application Feed widgets is now consistent.

  • What's New (Advertising) Feed widget now always orders by Advertise On date, and displays Advertise On Date
  • Application Feed widget now always order by Publish date, and displays Publish Date

With these changes, the ordering of items in both What's New and Application feed will not change by default when you edit an item.

  • If you want to "bump" an item back to the top of the What's New Feed, set the Advertise Date to now.
  • Similarly, if you want to "bump" an item back to the top of an Application Feed widget, set the Publish Date to now. 

Note: For items in the wrong position that were created or updated before the patch, please see the instructions below on how to change the position.


What’s New Feed

The what’s new feed displays items from multiple applications based on their “advertise on” date. If you want to re-advertise an existing item by placing it at the top, you must update the item and set the Advertise On date to now.


Application Feed

The application feed widget displays items based on their publish date (by default, the publish date for most items is the date the item was created).

If you want an existing item to appear back at the top of the application feed widget, you must update the item and change the field used for ordering by application feed widget to now:

  • Documents and other App Builder Applications: Publish Date (optional field)
  • Blog Post: Created Date
  • Job Center: Start Date

More Details on Behaviour Change

The following behaviour has been changed:

  • Ordering of items in application feed based on publish date, not date created
  • Ordering of items in what’s new feed based on advertise date, not publish date
  • Update of an document / app builder item no longer causes it to jump to the top of an application feed
  • Application feed now correctly orders by publish date, not date entered or date changed
  • Update of an events calendar item no longer changes position in what’s new feed
  • Update of a job center posting no longer changes position in what’s new feed
  • Items published within the same minute are now ordered properly
  • Items set to advertise in the future will now consistently appear at the top of the what’s new feed

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