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How does content find its way to the What's New widget? How does the widget know what items to display and which to omit? Below, you will find the answer to these questions, as well as answers to additional frequently asked questions related to the What's New widget. (This article applies to versions 12.5 and 13.0)


What is the What's New widget and why would I use it?

The What's New widget is designed to feed in content from any application that has advertising enabled on it. This is a great way to show your employees new items that have been recently published on the intranet.

When new content is published, it will replace older content on this widget depending on how many items you have configured to display on your What's New widget settings.


How do I publish content to the What's New widget from the application?

When publishing content, you will see an 'Advertise to' box before clicking 'publish'. This is where you choose to send the item to What's New, or you can select 'Do Not Advertise' which will not send the item to the widget.


In the sample above, the outlined box is where you choose whether or not to advertise content before clicking 'publish'. You can choose to Advertise either now, or schedule a date in the future of when the item will appear on the What's New widget.

If you would prefer the default setting to select 'Advertise Now' instead of 'Do Not Advertise', please see the screenshot and instructions located in the section "How can I change the What's New archive value?" below.


I've posted an item but it is not appearing on my Homepage

Items that are advertised will go to their site's What's New widget. If your application exists on a sub-site, it may not advertise content to the homepage of your intranet automatically. 

If you navigate to the homepage of the sub-site, you may see something like this:


If you have content on your sub-site that you would also like to advertise to the homepage, you can click this home icon (outlined above) to push this individual post to your Intranet's homepage on the what's new widget.


Over time, new content will be published to the What's New widget and older content will be pushed off. This will depend on how many items you have selected to show on the What's New widget):


In the above image, you can modify how many items you would like to see on the What's New widget. Click 'Save Widgets' at the bottom of your browser if you make an adjustment to this setting. This setting means that your widget will display up to 6 new items at a time however, anything expired can be found on the 'view more' link at the bottom of the widget.


How can I have content from my sub-site automatically be set to my Intranet's homepage?

Sub-sites are set to only advertise content to their homepage however, you can adjust this by changing the following setting:


This can be done by going to admin > Assets > select the sub-site > click 'Properties' on the right nav and choose 'advertise content to site & home site > click 'save'. In doing so, now all content advertised on this sub-site will be sent to the What's New widget on the homepage as well as the sub-site.


How do I prevent an application from advertising to What's New?

There may be some cases where you do not want advertising to be possible for certain folders, or for an entire application. This can be set at the application level by:

1) Navigating to the application

2) Click toolbox > app admin

3) Click Advertising Options from the right nav menu:


In the example above, all folders are currently checked which means that this application will allow users to advertise items to What's New. If you remove the checkmarks beside some or all folders and click save, the Advertise box will not be available when you go to publish items.


Why do some items show as Expired when I click 'view more' on the What's New widget?

Clicking on 'View More' at the bottom of your What's New widget will allow you to see more than the postings shown on the front of the widget. In some cases, you may see some items that show as 'expired'. This means that the item has reached it's What's New archive date. The item itself is not archived on the application, this is only meant to show the users that the posting is older than the more recent content published to the widget.



How can I change the What's New archive value?

At the application level, you are able to adjust how long before an item will show as expired. To do so:

1) Navigate to the application

2) Click toolbox > app admin

3) Click 'Advertising Options on the right nav

4) Scroll down to the Sitewide Advertising Options section


Above is an example of where you can change the number of days before an item will be 'expired'. This will take effect for any new content published but will not change the value on items that have already been published to this application.

On this same screen, you can also change the default setting when publishing content to have the default set to 'Advertise Now'.


Why do I see older content appearing on my What's New widget?

In some cases, you may see older content displaying on your What's New widget. When new content has reached the 'archive' date mentioned above, it will fall off the What's New widget and will be available by clicking 'view more' on the widget. Older content still displaying may have been published with a longer archive date value. For example, if this archive value was set for '260 days' when the item was published, the item will continue to display on the What's New widget when no new content has been published to replace it.


The easiest way to remove this item is by clicking the delete icon that appears next to the item on the What's New widget as shown below:



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