How do I manage content posted to my wall and others?

The employee wall has various security conventions that allow users to manage their content both on their own wall and others. The following article explores these security rights and how posts and comments respond being edited and deleted.


Content Controls
Employees can always edit their wall content regardless of whether it a post or a comment to their wall or to another employee's wall. When a post or comment is edited the entry will show the new content with a note indicating that the employee modified this entry and a what time.
Employees can delete their own comments whether they are on their personal wall or made on another employee's wall. When a comment is removed, it will leave a placeholder that shows the user participated in the discussion thread but the content of the comment is no longer shown. If the comment was removed by the employee it will show this comment was removed by the author but if it was removed by either another employee or an admin it will show this comment was removed by [username].
Employees also have additional controls over posts or comments on their own walls. They can delete this content whether it was created by themselves or by another employee. Comments that are deleted are handled in the method above. If a post is deleted it, along with any comments, are completely hidden from view. Note that though an employee can delete the content of another employee that is placed on their wall, they cannot edit it.

Super administrators, for auditing purposes, have the ability to view all wall content whether deleted or no. If the content was deleted a message showing that it has been deleted and by whom will be visible. Super administrators also have the optional delete icon (shown below) that is different from the normal remove icon seen by regular users. This only appears on deleted content and will permanently remove all trace of this content from the site.

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