How do I edit my profile? What is inline editing?

Inline editing of employee records in the directory is a quick method of modifying a user's contact information. This edit option is the only interface available to employees themselves to manage their own profiles. Administrators and profile managers can also manage employee records from the admin site.


Access Rights
By default, only the following users can make modifications to an employee's profile through the inline edit interface.
  • Site and super administrators
  • Profile managers
  • Employee (note that an Employee's ability to edit fields is controlled in the manage fields interface)


To edit a profile, simply click on the toggle for inline editing button in the top right corner of the profile. Doing so will open up any available fields that can be edited (depending on the user's rights. Mouse over the field and click the edit button.

Once you have made your change either press the save button or the back arrow to revert your changes. Changes saved in this fashion are instantly committed to the record.

There are two reasons why a field may not be editable
  • User edit rights: The user is editing their own profile and a site administrator has decided not to allow them to modify this field
  • Active directory synchronization: If AD directory sync is enabled and this field has been associated with a field in AD then it cannot be edited

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