How do employee departments work?

Intranet Connections offers a robust social directory to organize and manage your users' contact information. Each individual record in the directory is called an Employee and Employees are organized into Departments. These are the storage blocks of your directory and have certain features associated with them. This article will explain what departments are, how they are presented in the interface and how to create them.


An employee's department is displayed in various locations. When you see their employee card it is shown directly under their title. When browsing the directory you can use the department drop down to filter user cards by department. The search form also has this drop down as well.


Creating a department
Departments can get created manually in the following ways:
  • Admin > Directory > Create a Department
  • Directory > Toolbox > Add a New Department
  • Admin > Directory > Create a Login (The add employee form supports creating a department in the process of adding an employee)
Departments may also be created automatically on your site by either the Active Directory Employee Sync or the CSV import processes. In those cases, the departments are created without admin involvement so that imported records can be added to their appropriate departments.


Directory visibility
One important feature of departments apart from profiding your users quick filter or navigation options inside the directory is view security. Departments can be view secured to prevent certain users or groups in the company from seeing their contents.

Securing a department follows the same conventions of category and folder security elsewhere in Intranet Connections with the exception that you can only assign view rights. If you wish to assign a user the ability to modify employees records other than their own, you have can make them either a Super or Site Administrator or a Profile Manager.

You can manage your categories through the directory by using the Toolbox and selecting the Manage Departments option or by going to Admin > Directory > Department Security.


Department group permissions
Another benefit of departments is the ability to use their membership to assign security rights elsewhere in the product. To enable this feature, go to Admin > Directory > Security Group Synchronization and enable the option.

Once enabled Intranet Connections will create Department Sync groups which will be visible from your manage groups interface. You cannot alter the membership of this group, it always reflects the employees contained within that department in the directory.

We recommend using these groups to assign content security in scenarios where the information or security assignments are department specific. For example, when securing onboarding manuals for a particular department consider using this synced group as its membership will always reflect the employees in that department which should have access to this material.

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