How do I view and edit my profile/workspace/hub?

In Intranet Connections the directory is not just a list of contact details and profiles for your company's employees, it also acts as the central location for employees to interact with the intranet site. This article will cover the basics of an employee's profile and the various features available to them. Note that as an administrator you have the flexibility to determine which of these features you would like to enable.


There are three main ways an employee can arrive at their own profile. Two are most commonly found on the homepage and are the my workspace link in the top navigation or the my workspace widget. The top navigation link is available on all pages in the site and the widget can be placed in a location that supports widgets (site homepage, department page, etc).

The other method, of course, is for an employee to either search for themselves or navigate into the directory and click the My Profile link in the directory navigation.


Changing user settings and editing profile information
When a user is locted on their own profile, they can use the edit settings in the upper right to change personal settings like their password, chat and wall options and site colors.
They can also click on the edit option which will change the form to inline edit mode. Users can then change any fields that they have the rights to modify.


Profile Side-bar
profilesidebar.png The side bar provides various navigation options to areas of the directory as well as to personal Employee options as well. From top to bottom:

A search section for keyword (top), department (middle) and tag (bottom) searching

My Workspace
  • Profile: Link back to the employee's own profile
  • Wall: Link to the employee's wall
  • Colleagues: Link to the wall colleagues area and a count of current colleagues
  • Alerts: Link to the alerts and subscriptions area and a count of currently unread alerts
  • Widgets: Link to a employee's personal page
  • Bookmarks:Link to bookmarked site or internet content

My directory includes a quick shortcut to view all members of your department as well as an alternate filter showing you any profiles you have recently viewed.

Finally we have links to browse upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. These may also, depending on administrator choices, be displayed on the homepage via widgets.  


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