What are colleagues?

The colleagues feature provides a way to group employees that you are interested in following. At any time you can see who you have colleagued and who has colleagued you. You can also view an activity stream of all the wall contributions of your colleagues through the colleagues activity feed. Colleagues is a feature of the employee wall and is located in the employee's directory workspace; the wall must be enabled for this feature to function.


Access and Interface
You can access this feature by clicking colleagues from the my workspace navigation in your directory profile. When you first access this feature you should have no colleagues and the count will display appropriately. A help screen will also display (shown below) which summarises the functionality and starring method by which you identify whether a user is your colleague or not.


Add/remove a Colleague
You can add a colleague either by clicking the add colleagues link or by using the starring method (shown above) to add or remove a user. Simply locate the user's mini-card either by searching for them in the directory or clicking on the colleagues navigtion link to show the list of users that you have colleagued and take the appropriate action. You can also use the Employees following you link to see a list of users who have you colleagued.
Making an employee your colleague does not send them any alert or notification but they will be able to see that you have added them the next time they either see your mini card or visit the employees following you section.


Colleague activity feed
Once you have an employee colleagued you can use the activity feed to follow contibutions they have made to their or to other employee's walls. When one of your colleagues posts to a wall (yours, theirs, or another's) you will see that post in your colleague activity. If your colleague comments on a wall post, you will see what comment they added, with a link to the original post. The colleagues activity feed acts as an aggregate wall showing you all these employee's activities.


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