How do I change and manage fields within the directory?

Changing fields within the directory allows administrators to change the available fields and their titles. This is also the interface that allows admins to determine what fields users can edit on their own profiles.

Renaming and Display
Access the display and naming properties of the Directory through Admin > Directory > Manage Fields. If you wish to remove the field from the directory, simply uncheck the display checkbox. There are several different field properties on this page:
  • Greyed Out: Fields with greyed out display checkboxes are essential for the directory and cannot be removed
  • Double Star (**): Indicates admin only fields. These are not available for user control and in the case of Employee Number and Username are also hidden from user view. Only admins and profile managers can edit these fields.


User Edit
Toggling the user edit function allows individual employees to edit this field on their profile through the inline editing interface. This applies to all employee records. For example, a common admin decision may be to allow users to edit their picture and their personal information/social fields while leaving core contact and position details managed by either the AD synchronization, CSV import or by manual administration by site admins or profile managers. Note that if your directory is synced with AD your users will not be able to edit any fields that are synced regardless of the user edit settings on this form.

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