Employee Profile Features

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Employee Profile Features
In Intranet Connections the directory is not just a list of contact details and profiles for your company's employees, it also acts as the central location for employees to interact with the intranet site. The following features are available to users from their own profile: From their own employee profile users can:
  • Bookmark favorite site locations
  • Edit their employee profile
  • Change account settings
  • Personalise their own homepage
  • Subscribe to site content and alerts
  • Set their status
  • Post to their personal or to colleagues' walls
  • Chat with colleagues
For a walkthrough of a user's personal management and communication options, the following tutorial is recommended. Please note that this walkthrough will assume that you have enabled all the profile functionality.


Enabling profile features
Because we recognize that different companies have different requirements for corporate communication, Intranet Connections is extremely flexible in the amount of control and functionality you provide to your users. As such, there are several locations within the admin site that allow you to enable or disable these features. It's also important to differentiate between globally enabling a specific feature and enabling it for a specific login. Below is an summary of the locations where you administratively enable these features.
  • Admin > Directory > Employee Profile (Alerts, user homepage, default landing page, user colors)
  • Admin > Directory > Social Settings (Chat, wall, employee tagging, user status updates)
  • Admin > Security > Password Options (password expiry and strength requirements for users with form logins)
  • Admin > Site Design > Global Icons > Bookmark Icon Check display (bookmarking)
Some of these features, such as bookmarking and employee tagging are controlled globally but many of these features are can also be optionally disabled on a per-login basis. At the bottom of each edit login or edit employee form is a Social Profiles section which allows you to optionally disable chat, the wall, user alerts and subscriptions, and widgets (user's personal homepage). Note that these settings do not trump global settings. It is not, for example, possible to enable chat for one specific user without enabling the chat system itself. 


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