How does the employee wall work?

The wall is a feature which allows your users to participate in discussions, ask questions, share content and offer congratulations or feedback to each other within the directory. For the wall to be available, administrators must first enable this feature. Each user has a personal wall which they can enable or disable through their user settings. The wall offers employees the ability to follow contributors by marking them as colleagues as well as marking important discussions for easy access with post favorites.


Wall Access
The wall forms part of an employee's homepage and is located within their directory profile.
They can also optionally locate the wall from the My Workspace widget if administrators have decided to place this on any of the site homepages.


Visibility of Wall content
All all content is public. Any employee that can see a directory profile can see all posts and comments to that wall. Employees also have certain abilities to edit and delete content on their or other's walls.


Posting basics
To make a post to your own wall, simply navigate to your employee profile, click the Wall entry on the side navigation and click write on your wall
This will open a post window. This is a basic screen that allows text entry but by clicking the editor features button highlighted in the top right you can get access to advanced features like formatting, image upload, etc.
When complete, simply click post. This is the same principle whether you are posting to your own wall or to another employee's wall.

Commenting on posts is just as easy. Simply locate a post that you would like to comment on. If the post has no comments it will show a (0) Comments message in the bottom right. If it already has comments these will either show expanded or show their count depending on your user settings. If they show expanded, click on the add comment link.
The comment uses the same editor interface as explained with posts above. When you have completed your post, click post comment

You can also edit and delete posts and comments. You can simply mouse over a post or comment to see which options you have available to you and you can refer to this article for a summary of how these rights are assigned.


Following posts
There are two options for keeping track of posts and comments on the wall. Employees can subscribe to receive site or email alerts when the content is added to posts. These options are accessible by clicking on the Alerts option from the my workspace directory navigation. From there click Manage Subscriptions and toggle the wall alerts section. You can subscribe to either a site alert or to an email alert with the following criteria.
  • Post: Triggered when an employee posts on your wall
  • Comment: Triggered when an employee posts on any of your posts
  • Other Comment: Triggered when an employee posts post that you have previously commented on except for your own posts (covered by comment alert)
For a description of alerts and subscriptions within Intranet Connections, see the following article.

The other mechanism for following posts is to mark them as favorites. You can favorite a post anytime by simply clicking the favorite icon while mousing over a post.
When viewing your own wall you can now access these posts in by clicking the my favorite posts link. These posts will remain here permanently until you unfavorite them by deselecting the favorite button. Use the favorites section to permanently retain posts that you wish to follow or that contain valuable information.


Share Content
Employees are not limited to posting or commenting directly on each other's walls. Another important feature is the sharing of site content between users. When a user is viewing an item within the site that they would like to share with others they can use the My Toolbox drop down and select the Share Content option.
This will open an interface where they can add a message which will be inserted along with the page link. Using the Wall option at the bottom they can also select whether to publish it to their own wall (the default choice) or optionally to a different user's wall. When complete, the wall post appears in the wall. Note that while you are viewing the wall itself you can always use the shortcut share post icon to highlight a specific wall post rather than sharing the employee's entire wall page.
Share content can also be used to generate a permanent shortened link to a page without posting to any wall by generating a tinyURL link. Simply locate the page you are interested in sharing, click the Share Content link from the toolbox as if you were posting to the wall but then click the Copy to Clipboard button in the bottom left. This provides a link which can be emailed or added to external documentation.

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