How do I view the Employee Org Chart?

The Employee Org Chart allows employees to see at a quick glance who someone reports to, as well as any direct reports to that individual.The org chart will always show this 3 layered process unless the user you have selected either does not have a person they report to, or there is no one that reports to them.

To access the Employee Org Chart:

1) Navigate to your Employee directory and select an employee by clicking on their name from the list of Employee Cards as shown below:


2) Once on the employee's profile, click 'view chart' where it shows who the employee reports to:


3) On the Org Chart screen, you can see the relationships of the employee as illustrated below:


In this image, Kelly reports to Michele Sowdon who appears above her in the chart. As an employee can only have one Supervisor or Manager listed on their account, only 1 person will be listed here. Below the selected employee, you will see anyone who reports to them directly. 

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