How do I turn on/off Chat for my Intranet?

As an Intranet administrator, you can choose whether or not to enable or disable Chat on your intranet. Some companies may have their own chat software such as Skype for Business, Jabber, Communicator, etc.

If you do not have a chat software, or your company has a policy about installing additional chat software, this option allows your employees to still open up a quick chat with one another.


To enable/disable Chat:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Directory
  2. Click on Live User Chat from the links available under Social Settings
  3. Check or Uncheck the 'Enable Live Chat' box here
  4. Click 'save' to keep this change


If you are enabling chat, you can choose whether or not to enable User Chat, set up audio alerts, and choose how many days of history to be retained within your database.

These global chat settings do *not* over-ride users' personal chat settings. 

For instructions on how you can pull Chat history, please click here for the corresponding article.

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