How do I create a support desk form?

Using Support Desk, Site Administrators and Support Desk Supervisors can create forms that will allow users to create tickets. Tickets will then be evaluated and assigned to a technician for further action. Each form will allow you to specify a different set of technicians for the assessment of unique tickets related to their area of expertise. The following steps will guide you through the creation process of a Support Desk Form.

Step One: Create a Form
  1. Navigate to your Support Desk application
  2. Hit the 'Manage Forms' link


  3. Click 'Add New Form' [top-right corner of Forms listing]

Step Two: Configure the Form
  1. Enter in a title and short description (optional)


    Note: Each form has default fields that cannot be removed.  These fields are used for specific purposes and for the table view of active tickets.  When creating your form you will have the option to add your own custom fields to the form as well, for more information on this please go here.

  2.  Select the following options (apply on an as needed basis):

    Allow User Notes: Determine if you wish to allow users to add notes to their tickets.
    Display Techs to Users: Determine if you wish for users to view which technicians are assigned to each form.
    Restrict Techs from Deleting Tickets: Determine if you wish for Technicians to be able to delete Tickets.
    Default user search upon closing a ticket: Determine if you wish for users to be able to search for the Ticket once it has been closed by default.

  3. Assign Technicians by holding down the CTRL key, selecting the appropriate technicians and clicking 'save'
  4. Implement desired notifications for your form

    Unassigned: Notifications will be sent to technicians and/or supervisors upon creating a ticket through your form.
    Assigned: Assigning a technician to a ticket will trigger and send this email notification to the respective technician.
    Closed: If enabled, the Supervisor will receive a notification for any ticket that has been closed.
    Details: Selecting the Details option will result in the contents of the 'Subject Details' field to be included in the email notifications.  This will only be included in email if a 'Supervisor' also has 'closed' and 'details' checked.


Step Three: Publish the Form

Your form will remain in draft mode until you select to publish.  Until you publish the form, you can only access it through the Manage Forms area.


Upon publishing your form, you have the option of advertising the form onto the What's new listing location on the site home page.

You also have the option of applying security to your form. Click on the "Apply security" link to restrict who can view and create tickets on this form.


Step Four: Create a Ticket

After publishing the form we will now see it under the “Create Ticket” tab.  When users create tickets, an automatic email will be sent to the ticket owner for confirmation, with a link to the ticket details.


When creating a ticket Technicians can submit tickets on users' behalf. As well, some of the default fields are for techs to fill out once the ticket has been submitted (status, due date, resolution, hidden custom fields) therefore they are not visible on the form.


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