How do I add custom fields?

Adding Custom Fields Walkthrough

Once you have submitted your form properties, you will have the option of adding custom form fields.  To begin, select a form field type from the drop down list provided.  A box will appear for you to define the field properties.  Custom form fields may be hidden from users (for tech use only) and you can designate custom fields to be searchable.

Choose the field type "Checkboxes" to be able to create this type of Custom Field.


A prompt will appear for you to fill out the required fields and any other information that is relevant to the field. In the example that we have chosen it requires that we add values for the checkboxes field.


After clicking Add values you will be prompted to add some values for this type of field. After adding values we can toggle between field attributes and the field values if we want to be able to add additional values for the checkboxes field.


Each form field type has different properties for you to define. In the example above, we have selected a checkbox field type. Checkboxes, as with drop down boxes and the radio field type, have a second step whereby you provide values for your field. You may make a value the default as we have done in the above example. Each field you create can also be set as required.


In the example below, we have added a few more custom fields.  The “Duplicate Request” field is a hidden field, for tech use only.  The security icon is a quick reference to the field set as hidden.  There is also a search icon beside “Software Version” as we have designated that field as searchable.


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