What are supervisors and technicians?

User Types

Support Desk has three types of users with different views within the application:


Supervisors are assigned at the application level within the Administration Site (Admin Site > Applications > Customize Applications > Support Desk)

Supervisors can create and manage both public and private forms, as well as manage and delegate incoming tickets to technicians. Supervisors have full access on all forms, tickets, and technicians throughout the application. Supervisors can add, edit and delete public and private ticket notes and home page alert boxes.


Technicians are assigned when you create forms within the application. You may assign one or more technicians to a form. Technicians can accept incoming tickets from the forms they are assigned.  Technicians can add, edit and delete public or private ticket notes and home page alert boxes. Technicians do not see tickets from other forms, unless those tickets have been closed and are then available through the search function.

General Users

General users can fill out forms to generate tickets.  General users can track the progress of their tickets from the “My Tickets” tab and, if allowed, can add notes to their tickets.  Users only have access to search their own active tickets, and search any closed tickets that are designated for user search. If a form has been secured and the user has not been given view access, they will not be able to generate tickets on that form.

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