Getting Started: Key Articles and Best Practices for New Customers

This article is meant for new customers to Intranet Connections. This article will direct you to guides on items such as Server Administration, SQL Server Backup and Restore practices, as well as how-to guides to assist with self-learning the Intranet Connections product.


Web Server configuration articles:
Server Preparation

Server Roles Required


SQL Server related articles:
Backing up a SQL Database

Restoring a SQL Database

Assigning the SQL Login to the newly restored database

SQL Recovery Model

Automating SQL Backups with SQL Express


Advanced administration:
Guide for hardening your server

Configuring the Intranet URL path and file location 


How-to guides and Did You Know videos:

Walkthrough of 13.5 features

Basic Concepts and Intranet Overview

Maintaining and Evolving your Intranet

Did You Know? Video Series

Our Welcome to Intranet Connections onboarding PDF

Our Intranet Blog with tons of great tips and intranet best practices 

Webinar geared towards new Intranet admins

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