How do I choose who manages the courses?

Introduction to Roles

Instructors and Course Managers have elevated rights within their course on the Training Calendar. They have full management over registrants, waitlists and can create session dates for the courses they are assigned to.  They will receive email notification when users register themselves for course dates, or when users place themselves on the waitlist for a course.  If a student removes their registration prior to the course taking place, an email notification is sent to the Instructor and Course Managers and an email is sent to the waitlist notifying them a seat has opened up for the course date.

Supervisors who are assigned from the Administration Site User Profiles can register for courses on behalf of the users they supervise.  They can also view reports for their employee’s courses.  Supervisors are notified via email when one of their employees registers for a course (date) that has supervisor approval turned on.

The Training application also has Report Builders.  Report Builders also have elevated rights in that they have full view access to all courses from within the reporting tool.  If a course belongs to a secured category, the Report Builder will see a secured icon beside the course title in the report results.  They do not have access to view secured course information or register for secured courses.

General users will be able to use the report builder tool only in relation to their own course registrations.

Report Builders are assigned at the application level, through the Training administration screen within the Administration Site.



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