How does the waitlist work?

The Waitlist

When you add a course to the Training application, you have the option of scheduling an upcoming session date for the course.  If there are no dates scheduled, the course is still viewable to users and they can opt to register for the waitlist if they have an interest in taking the course.

If a user is on the waitlist for a course, they will be notified via email when a session date is created in the event the date works for them and they want to register.  If the course is full, and a seat opens up, the waitlist users will be emailed.

The Course Manager and Instructor will be notified via email when the waitlist reaches the number set on the input form when the course was created.  This is to alert the Course Manager and Instructor that there is interest in the course and to determine if a session date should be scheduled.


As shown above, there are also bulk email notification and removal options.  Simply select the checkbox for all users that apply, and select either option.

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