How do I register for a course?

Course Registration

When session dates are created for courses, users may register for the available dates.  To do so, users can register from the quick register icon beside course dates listed on the calendar, or from the details screen of the course itself.



Once a user has registered for a course date, it will be listed under their “My Courses” listing on the Training application.  If the course is marked for supervisor approval, a “Pending Approval” will display underneath the registration.



Managing Registrations

The Training application provides an interface to manage course registrations and waitlists.  The following roles have rights to manage registrations:

  • Course Managers
  • Instructors
  • Application Owners
  • Site Administrator

To manage registrations, you need to view the course details screen.  You can find courses by selecting categories under the “Categories” expanded menu option.


From this point, you may edit any registrations within any session in this course.  You may also move the registrations to the waitlist, email them a notice, retrieve their course status, and remove them from the course.  This can all be done in bulk as well by using the checkboxes next to the users.  There are also a full set of export functions in the top right hand corner of the screen.

When managing registrations, you can change the record and update their status to mark the student as completed, incomplete, cancelled, or a no show.  You can also move the registrations back to the waitlist or remove them from the course date altogether.  There is a comments section that records any comments you have regarding the registrations.


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