How do I pull a training report?


The Training application allows you to assign Report Builders.  Report Builders have elevated rights in that they can build reports on all courses and registrants (this functionality can also be used by site administrators and application owners).  Reports can be filtered by specific criteria.

Reporting by course allows you to run course reports based on specific courses within your application:



You can also get reporting based on an individual student.



Report Builders can also compile statistics for course session dates, registrants, and waitlists.  If you select the “Stats” report type, a totals summary screen will show the total number of session dates for each course, how many registrants have taken the course to-date, total number waitlisted, and how many students completed the course, were set to incomplete, cancelled or were a no show.

Each report result screen can be printed to PDF / Flash Paper if you wish to store a hard copy.

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