How do I manage blog comments?

Comment Settings

In blogs, each post that is created can have comments enabled.  The comments feature allows users reading the blog to comment or provide feedback on postings. 

As blog owner, you control who can comment through the Settings tab -> Manage Blog ->  Blog Settings -> Edit Settings.


  • Comments are open - NOT private : Enabling this setting will allow users to add comments
  • Enable comment review (blog owner) : Enabling this setting will enable the comment review setting which means the blog owner must review any comments before they are posted.
  • Allow comments by everyone (+ anonymous) : Enabling this setting will allow anonymous comments
  • Allow comments by everyone (NOT anonymous) : Enabling this setting won't allow anonymous comments, but other users can still post comments
  • Restrict comment entries to blog members : Enabling this setting will only allow blog owners to make comments
  • Order comments [created date] ASC / DESC : Sort by Ascending or Descending order for Comments.

These settings will apply across the blog, however you can also disable/enable comments at the post level.  To enable or disable comments per posting, go to the post -> click edit icon -> select “edit post” link in preview container -> scroll to bottom of the edit post form.



Viewing Comments

To view comments, or to add a comment, users click on the (0) Comment link.  The (#) is a count of how many comments are attached to the posting.  This will show the details of the blog post and the comments attached.  Users can also add a comment from this screen.

Click on the comments link:


Click the add comment link and add your comments:


Make sure to save after entering your comments!


Comment Reviews

In the blog settings, there is a checkbox for “enable comment review”.  Select this option if you want the blog owner to review and approve comments prior to users seeing them attached to the posting.

If comment review is enabled, the blog owner will see a count of pending comments beside the comments link within a post.


Click the COMMENTS PENDING link to view all comments pending review and approval.  Select “publish” to attach them to the post.


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