How do I delete my blog?


Deleting a blog is simple, however be aware that once you have selected this option, all postings, comments and tag references will be permanently removed from the site.  Deleting a blog will not affect or remove your blog profile.

The users who can delete a blog are:

  • SuperAdmins
  • SiteAdmins
  • Blog Application Owners
  • Blog Owner



Delete Blog Profile

Removing profiles will affect blogs, postings, contributions and comments made by the user/profile, therefore only SuperAdmins have the rights to delete a users’ blog profile. 

Deleting a blog profile does not affect the User Profile. The user may still have a User Profile and a site login.  Deleting a blog profile will prevent the blog owner from having elevated rights on their blogs, and the blog profile will not be visible to users. The blogger will still be listed as having contributed to posts and comments, on their own blogs and any others they had access to.  All memberships for the blog profile will be deleted and the profile box on their blogs will be hidden.

To delete a profile:

You must be logged in as SuperAdmin.  Select View All Profiles from the blog application home page ->  Select the user/blog profile -> Select the delete icon

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